The 10x Legend Challenge
10 Day Challenge
This 10 DAY RECRUITING Challenge from Rob Sperry and 10 LEGENDS will empower you to thrive by equipping you to experience 10 days of wins.
10 Leading Experts Share Proven, Practical Advice to Help You INCREASE your RECRUITING and Experience 10 Specific “Wins” in Just 10 Days!!!
This Challenge will walk you through the entire Cold to Close Method
Any one of these trainings with legends could easily sell for $97 plus.  
Total Value = $697
Your Investment = ONLY $397
Mindy H
Andrea S 
Bodil S
Rob Sperry

Rob Sperry is now 100% generic and not building with any company. He made this declaration a few years to FOCUS on helping all different companies and Network Marketers take their business to the next level. Here is a little background on Rob.
In Rob Sperry's first year in the Network Marketing, he reached the highest level in a multi-billion dollar company. He was a top recruiter out of a million distributors and has built his teams in over 40 different countries. Rob has a unique blend of building his first 5 years entirely offline teaching him the timeless skills that helped him to transition to building online. He is known as one of the foremost social media experts in all of Network Marketing.

In 2017 Rob was voted as the #1 coach in all of Network Marketing by his peers in Business for Home!

Sperry has been a consultant to many different network marketing companies. Due to his expertise, he has been featured in national and international books, podcast, blogs, articles, and magazines specific to finding success in Network Marketing. Rob Sperry is also the author The Game of Networking and Founder of largest active generic Facebook Group in Network Marketing.

The 10x Legend Challenge
Featured Speakers
10 NEW Legends!
10 NEW topics!
They’ll challenge you to take one specific action each day to experience success in your RECRUITING — and offer you direction on how to empower your TEAMS/NEW MEMBERS to thrive in that area.


10 NEW Speakers
10 NEW Topics
Tom Chenault 
Brian Fryer
Fallon Zoe
Jessica Green 
James Lavelle
Brandon  & Lynette Cunningham
Tracy Rodgers McCauley
Cala Selby-Stadel
Sara Ewing-Reed
Alyssa Cowart 
Total Value = $697 
Your Investment = $397 
We took an ANONYMOUS Survey after the last challenge.
97.09% said they would recommend The 10x Legend Challenge to a friend or team member!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Those are pretty insane numbers!

Here’s a Sneak Peek at What Will Happen When You Take the Challenge
This exclusive online event is broken down into 3 easy-to-follow steps to help you succeed faster:
Watch The Challenge
We’ll deliver an 18 minute FB Live from one of our experts in our EXCLUSIVE paid member FB GROUP each EVENING for 10 days.
Take The Challenge
After watching the brief video, it’s time to act. We’ll give you a CHALLENGE everyday that is based on EFFORT.  You will watch the training the night before and take the challenge the next day.
Be Accountable
We’ll make it easy for you to be accountable for each challenge. A recent study showed that success skyrockets by 96% when we have a specific accountability appointment.  SHARE those results DAILY.
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Janice Doe

Tom Chenault
Tom Chenault is a 28 year veteran of the MLM profession and is a successful top earner. 
Tom has been a passionate supporter and vocal advocate for the network marketing profession for decades, and has served in the ANMP Board for multiple years, where he currently serves on the board as a director. He has also been a board member of the MLMIA (Multi-Level Marketing International Association).

Tom hosts the longest running home based business radio show in the world. Tom has been the voice of Home Based Business and Network Marketing since 1999, interviewing the Who's Who of Network Marketing, Personal Development and Small Business. His guests have included Eric Worre, Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Brooke, Rob Sperry, Todd Falcone, John Milton Fogg, and virtually every successful network marketer and trainer in the profession. Every Saturday he brings tremendous content and authors.

Tom, together with wife and partner Denice, have been featured on numerous stages, including Eric & Marina Worre’s GoPro Events, and in numerous articles and books, including The Four Year Career.

Brian Fryer
Coach Fryer has personally enrolled over 700 people in his career, was the #4 earner in his previous 
company and built 100% online.

For the last three years, he has solely focused on mentoring the entire profession
on correct social media practices to elevate the level of professionalism to
help network marketers build meaningful, explosive and sustainable businesses
online. Through his genuine, yet transparent message, he has helped impact tens of thousands
of network marketers businesses.

He's the founder of the Social Impacter movement, was featured as one of the TOP
16 social media infleuncers at Eric Worre's house for the Social Media Summit,
was highlighted at ANMP's event on the social media panel of experts, and was
just recently the featured social media keynote at one of the fastest up and coming direct sales companies in the United States.

Fallon Zoe
With over 6 years in the Network Marketing Industry, and now 3 years focusing online Fallon Zoe has created an online following of over 35,000 with zero advertising or complicated online systems
She's published over 2,500 online videos and has mastered the art of Networking online. 

Fallon is one of the few that KNOWS how to use social media to create a huge business

Jessica Green
Jessica Green’s sole focus is developing tools for her team to experience success faster and more efficiently while balancing all aspects of their lives. Because of having some great mentors early in her career, she was able to experience a meteoric rise to the top of her network marketing company.

Even though Jessica “accidentally” fell into this industry, her mission is now sharing how others can experience the same success as she has. You can juggle family life at the same time as a successful career with the right systems and tools and a laser focus on building leaders who can lead others!

Jessica is a million dollar earner and will bring some HUGE insights to help take your business to another level!

Alyssa Cowart
Alyssa has an incredibly powerful story. She was teen mom with no college education who made a million dollars by age 30. She is not only the master distributor of her company but she has now
made over 5 million dollars in lifetime earnings!!!!
Last month (May 2019) her team did over 2 million dollars in group volume. Alyssa is as real as it gets and will layout some of her top RECRUITING strategies in this 10x Legend Challenge.

James Lavelle
In 2013 stumbled on a post online and decided to join a company on a part time basis whilst still serving in the military. 

In 4 months his part time business was paying twice as much as full time. The momentum continued and In just 7 months he became the fastest to hit the top postion in a company that had been around over 30 years. He was now earning more in a month part time than he was earning in annually in his full time job.

In James current company he hit the top postion in 4 months and became the fastest growing business worldwide.

It took him 3 years to become a 7 figure earner.
Despite the quick success in both companies he has learned that long term money comes from building long term strategies.   He believes that creating the right mindset is crucial to attaining success in the industry.

Brandon  & Lynette Cunningham
Brandon and Lynette joined the Network Marketing in October of 2009.
They replaced their income in 2 years and hit the top rank in 4 years.
They have learned the balance of building both offline and online.  They are top earners in their company and have spoken on stages all over the world.

They are on the John Maxwell's Ambassador Council and recently spoke at GoPro. 

Not only are they in the top 5 income earners of their company but they are consistently learning new ideas to stay sharp.  They are a power couple that is both inspiring in their business as well as in their marriage.  

They are an example of leaders that are consistently staying in the trenches sponsoring and improving their systems with the latest strategies. 

Tracy Rodgers McCauley
What's your excuse?  Despite being homelesss in March 2017 (yes that date is correct) Tracy does over 50 million dollars in annual team sales!  She had been in Network Marketing for 30 years without any success and decided in April 2017 to give Network Marketing a full on committ rather than just a "TRY."

She is now consistently a Top 3 Sales Earner in her company and has not only had massive personal success but has helped duplicate those efforts among her team.  She is a Leader of Leaders and the girl KNOWS how to recruit and duplicate.

Cala Selby-Stadel
Cala is a Speaker, leader & trainer.

She is a 5 million Dollar earner!

Cala is a single mother of seven children and a God girl/prayer warrior!  

She is a million dollar maker ... so far she has helped 22 different leaders reach a million dollars!

She is a shaker and a mover who got into the industry right out of college.  She has had to climb to the top of 5 companies over 30 years with several big sabbaticals in between!  

Sara Ewing-Reed
Sara Reed has been a professional network marketer for 4 years. She is passionate about helping women find success on their own terms. Her blog, “The Sara Social”, highlights her network marketing journey and offers resources and insight on how she continues to build her team. 

Sara has built an organization of over 80,000 reps/customers. She is a top earner in her company and has made well over 7 figures in her business.
Total Value = $697 
Your Investment = $397 
Why You Should Take the 10-Day RECRUITING Challenge:
  • RECRUITNG:  It is the HARDEST yet most important SKILL in Network Marketing.  Without RECRUITING there is no duplicating
  • 11 DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES: You never know which style, personality, strategy, technique, tip or story WILL CHANGE everything for YOU!
  • STRAIGHT TO THE POINT: I am not here to waste your time!  All 10 LEGENDS will train you in 18 minutes or LESS.  MORE ACTION.  LESS TALK!
  • CHALLENGE: Sometimes we need a good BUTT KICKING!!!  No we don't SHAME anyone but sometimes we NEED that CHALLENGE to BREAKTHROUGH!  There isn't a better CHALLENGE that will HELP you more than RECRUITING
  • MONEY: More recruitng equals more impact on others and more money to help you live your dreams and passions.
  •  EASIER: NOPE!  It is never going to be EASY but with the right training we can definitely make it easier.
 Get access to this exclusive experience and RECRUITING advice from 10 renowned experts!

Why You Should SHARE the 10-Day Challenge:
  • ​FUN Challenges are even more fun when you are doing them with friends!
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: There is always more accountability when you have a team or a friend participating in the challenge with YOU.
  • ​MASTERMIND: You and your friends will be getting the same info but we all have different insights.  You can take your insights to another level by masterminding with friends on how YOU are going to execute your plans.
  • ​COMMUNITY: Our COMMUNITY is only as strong as its members.  Together we will create a fun/accountable/action taker culture!
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Total Value = $697 
Your Investment = $397 
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